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Caring about Frozen Plumbing Pipes in Manhattan

Winters in NYC can get very cold-below freezing. These conditions add extra stress to homeowners that oversee maintaining their property. One of the most common and worst winter maintenance problems is frozen plumbing pipes. Frozen pipes are inconvenient and potentially dangerous. There are specific steps a landlord can take to ensure that plumbing pipes are safe from the cold.

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Frozen pipes are inconvenient because flowing water is impeded. What would it mean to your home if there was no hot water flowing during the cold, winter months? How would you wash dishes or take a shower?

Frozen pipes are dangerous because a frozen pipe can burst. Once water freezes, pressure gets created between the blockage and closed faucet, which can cause a pipe to explode. If this happens outside, it can create a problem with ice around your property.

Frozen pipes are expensive to fix. As water freezes, it expands. This expansion can crack and warp pipes, which can ultimately lead to leaks in your home or weaker water pressure. It is more practical and cost-effective to treat pipes before they freeze. Preventative care is usually less expensive than emergency repairs.

How do you know if your pipes are frozen? There are four simple way to test pipes, but only professional plumbers in Manhattan have the tools and knowledge needed to fully assess and address home plumbing problems. Indicators include:

  1. Very little or no water coming from your faucets when turned on (hot or cold)
  2. There is a strange and strong smell coming from either faucets or drains
  3. There is frost on visible/exposed pipes
  4. Water is not the right temperature you desire

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If you need a Manhattan plumber to insulate or fix frozen pipes, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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