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Top Three Reasons to Hire a Manhattan Plumber Instead of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

It is always a terrible experience when water does not drain from a shower or sink. When left untreated, it makes it almost impossible to bathe and do dishes. It is common to find homeowners grabbing chemical drain cleaners at the first sign of a backup. This may seem like an easy solution, but they are not the best option in most cases. It is rare to find a professional Manhattan plumber using chemical drain cleaners. There are several reasons why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners at all costs. A plumber Manhattan can quickly, safely, and effectively solve your drain clogs.

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What is wrong with chemical drain cleaners?

Damaged Pipes

Chemical cleaners work by generating heat. As the liquid moves through your pipes, it is heating debris to break it down and remove clogs. The heat can be enough to soften and distort PVC piping, and it can also corrode old metal piping. What starts as a quick fix often leads to major repairs. Save money, time, and hassle by calling a plumber in Manhattan the next time you see a clog.

Does Not Always Work

Chemical drain cleaners do not clear out all clogs; they only work on organic materials. When cleaners do not work, the next step is to bail out and then flush the cleaner from the pipes. If left for too long, it could damage your pipes.

Messy to Work With

You do not want chemical cleaners on your skin, so you must wear gloves. It is also recommended that you wear protective eyewear as well in case of any unforeseen splash back. If the chemicals get on your clothing or other fabrics, they will be ruined. Be very careful when handling these chemicals.

For more information on clearing your drains, reach out for the best plumber Manhattan has to offer.

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