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Why is My Kitchen Sinking Leaking

Few things are more annoying for a homeowner than a leaky kitchen sink. The wasted water adds up on your next bill, and it’s often difficult to pinpoint the source. When your sink is leaking, figuring out the reason is the first step in solving the issue. Below we’ll go over the most common reasons why your kitchen sink might be leaking. 

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Loose Water Supply Connection: If you notice the leak is happening under your kitchen sink, you may be dealing with water supply line issues. The average kitchen sink has two to three water supply connections. Each connection has the potential to spring a leak. 

Worn-Out Washers: This is one of the most common causes of leaky kitchen sinks. It’s incredibly common to wear out the washers in your sink, which will ultimately lead to leaks. 

Faucet Leak: The one good thing about this type of leak is that they’re usually easy to identify. Common causes of faucet leaks are worn-out gaskets or failed washers which are thankfully easy to replace. 

Drain Leak: A drain is often sealed with plumber’s putty, which helps to avoid leaks. However, the putty may dry out or be too thin to begin with. While issues with the putty are easy to rectify, sometimes a drain becomes old and worn out. An old and used drain needs replacing. 

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A leaky kitchen sink is never a fun thing to deal with as a homeowner. It’s something you’ll want to take care of as soon as possible to avoid further issues. Do not fix the problem yourself, as you’ll most likely cause more problems. If you notice your kitchen sink is leaking, call in a professional Manhattan plumber to fix the problem efficiently and effectively. 

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