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Can a Manhattan Plumber Increase Home Water Pressure

Weak water pressure makes taking a shower less enjoyable. A strong and steady stream makes it easier to wash, especially when rinsing shampoo and conditioner from your hair. Washing dishes is tough with weak water pressure because it becomes hard to clean off the soap from dishes and silverware.

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Do not accept weak water pressure as normal. In many cases, a Manhattan plumber can easily rectify the situation. Below, we want to highlight some of the most common reasons for weak water pressure in a home.

Clogged Aerator Screen

This screen is made from mesh, and it is located at the end of a faucet. The purpose of an aerator is to control the flow of water and to manage water conservation. In time, an aerator gets clogged with mineral deposits. If this is the cause of weak water pressure, you can replace the aerator or attempt to clean it.

Home Leaks

Once a crack or hole is created in a pipe, air begins to escape the pipe, reducing water pressure. The closed piping system allows water to maintain the same pressure throughout the plumbing system, so it is hard for water to flow with force when there is a leak. When you have a leak, you should call a plumber in Manhattan for repairs.

Closed Water Meter Valve

Your water meter valve is the main source of water for your home, and as a result, it has a direct effect on water pressure. It is not recommended that you attempt to adjust this valve. If this is the cause of your problem, you need to reach out to the local water department. They will advise you on the next steps to take to increase pressure.

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To find out more about your water pressure, you should not hesitate to reach out to the best plumber Manhattan has to offer you.

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