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Top Four Things to Never Flush Down a Toilet

To make sure that you avoid toilet clogs, you need to be careful with what you flush down your toilet. There are many items that people flush without thinking twice about. Only when a clog occurs do they become aware of their mistakes. It would help if you only flushed things that do not damage pipes and create clogs.

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Paper towel – This thick paper is designed to remain strong when it gets wet. The material absorbs water and gets lodged in bending pipes. Paper towels are particularly difficult to dislodge and often require a Manhattan plumber.

Wet-wipes – Like a paper towel, this cloth-like material does not breakdown in water. You are likely to come across a package that claims the product is flushable, but for the sake of your toilet and wallet, you should remain on the side of caution. Only use toilet paper in your toilet.

Kitty Litter – If you can wash off all the kitty litter, from the little presents your cat leaves, you could flush that down the toilet. The problem with kitty litter is that it is designed to clump when it gets wet. If enough goes down your toilet, it could quickly cause a clog. Also, kitty litter is often made from sand and clay, which can cause damage to your pipes. In a situation like this, you often need the best emergency plumber Manhattan has to offer you.

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Hair – Hair is biodegradable, but it does not belong in your toilet. Threads of hair, even short ones, often get caught in plumbing and septic systems. They create backups and clogs. When cleaning a brush or comb, you should throw the hair in the trash and not the toilet.

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