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Why is My Toilet Making a Whistling Noise

Are you noticing a whistling noise coming from your bathroom? If you do, you should not wait to reach out for a Manhattan plumber. This problem is annoying, but it is also an indicator that there is a bigger problem.

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To answer why a toilet whistles, it is important to know first what a toilet fill valve is and how it works. Inside the tank of all toilets, you will find a fill valve designed to regulate the amount of water that enters the tank when it fills up after flushing. There is a ball (like a balloon) positioned at the end of an armature (different materials). When a person flushes, the ball falls to the bottom of the tank, and as the water rises, the ball rises with it (stopping the water when it hits the proper level).

A whistling noise comes from a toilet when either gaskets or parts of a fill valve get worn and corroded. When these parts get old, they tend to vibrate. These vibrations transfer through the armature and ball, which causes a high-pitched sound. The sound stops when the aperture is completely closed.

The two most common fixes for this problem include:
  1. Replacing the fill valve
  2. Replacing gaskets on the fill valve

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To ensure that your toilet is fixed quickly and efficiently, you should reach out for the best plumber Manhattan has to offer. A plumber shuts off the water and empties the tank to ensure that the bathroom remains clean. Do not live with an annoying whistling noise, so you should call a Manhattan plumber.

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