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Helping Yourself in and Emergency Situation

No one is ever fully ready for a plumbing emergency; however, it is possible to do a few things quickly so that you could help save your home and property. One of the most important things to have ready in this situation is an emergency plumber, but before you make that phone call you should do one EXTREMELY IMPORTANT thing.

Turn off the water to the appliance or to your home

You want to stop the flow of water as quickly as possible. You do not want to wait for an emergency plumber to get to your home. Although our emergency plumbing services can get us to you home quickly, that time could be the difference between water hitting your outlets or not. If you don’t know where you homes main water shutoff valve is then take the time to locate it before the emergency comes, so that you can turn the water off in your home. If it is your toilet overflowing then you can simply turn the water off to the specific appliance.

*Appliance valves can usually be found underneath sinks and behind toilets and clothe washers.

By stopping the flowing water you stop the problem from spreading, but by no means do you fix the problem. The next step in your emergency is having professionals who can fix the problem over. It can be rather daunting of a task to take on an emergency plumbing situation alone, but you can help the healing process by shutting off the flowing water.

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