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The Problems with Caustic Drain Cleaners

It will help if you think twice before reaching for chemical drain cleaners. Because of how companies create commercials and packaging, it is no surprise to find people underestimating the problems cause by these caustic cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners can be effective at quickly clearing clogs, but what is the real cost of using these cleaners?

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Caustic chemicals in the liquid are known to eat through pipes while they clear clogs. Regardless of the pipes you have in your home, chemical cleaners can cause serious problems. These cleaners damage plastic (PVC), copper, galvanized steel, and iron pipes.

PVC piping, because plastic is malleable at high temperatures, tends to bend and become misshaped when using chemical cleaners. The chemical reaction of these cleaners causes excessive heat that is meant to liquefy or soften whatever is causing the clog. Too much heat on PVC pipes is terrible for your overall plumbing system.

If you are going to use these drain cleaners, you really must handle the liquids with the utmost care. Do not forget that these liquids contain chemicals that can seriously injure human health. If you get the chemicals on your skin, it can cause burns, which can lead to tissue damage and scarring. Inhaling the fumes is terrible for the health of your lungs.

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Instead of using a caustic drain cleaner, you should reach out for the best Manhattan plumber you can find. The only way to entirely get rid of a clog is with professional snaking. The best plumber Manhattan knows how to identify and fix all plumbing clogs.

Instead of dealing with the problem yourself, you should reach out for help.

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