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What is the Right Tool for a Clogged Toilet

Doing a job without the right tools can be difficult, if possible. If you needed a hammer to hit a nail, you wouldn't use a screwdriver. When it comes to fixing a clogged toilet, the same rule of thumb is true. The best Manhattan plumber always uses the right tools. When a homeowner experiences a clogged toilet, they will typically reach for a plunger. Did you know that not all plungers are the same? If you use the wrong plunger, it might not work as it should. It would help if you got the right tool for the job. If plunging does not work, you should reach out to the best emergency plumber Manhattan that you can find.

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When shopping at a home goods store, you will come across two main types of plungers, and both types serve a unique function. The two are:

  1. Protruding Flange Plunger: meant to fit naturally flat surfaces like a sink.
  2. Flat-Bottom Plunger: has an extra bit coming out of the bottom that is meant to fit deep bowls.

A plunger to work must create a perfect seal that creates a vacuum within the drain. The vacuum works to your advantage by building enough pressure in the system to push the clog through. An older plunger with cracks does not work very well because it cannot create the necessary seal.

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A plunger is not the best tool for major clogs. Sometimes, a plunger is not the right tool for the job. Refer judgment to professional Manhattan plumbers. When a bad clog occurs, you need a plumbing snake that will destroy the materials causing the clog.

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