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Top Three Reasons to Avoid Chemical Cleaners

When a person faces a clogged drain, they tend to panic and grab chemical drain cleaners. Although these chemicals can work in the short term, they should be avoided in the long run. These drain cleaners seem like an easy solution for a clog, but they are, in fact, not the best option. If you are serious about clearing clogs and pipes, consider reaching out for a Manhattan plumber.

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Why should you avoid chemical cleaners?

First and foremost, they can damage your pipes. To break down debris trapped in a pipe, chemical cleaners generate heat. Excessive heat can soften and deform PVC piping. The cleaners can corrode older metal pipes.

Drain cleaners do not work on all clogs. For particularly stubborn clogs, cleaners do not do much. Chemical cleaners that get trapped behind a clog will cause damage to pipes.

When chemical cleaners get on clothing, they tend to ruin the clothing. No amount of washing or stain removal products can get rid of the damage. It is common for cleaning fluids to splash back when pouring them down a drain.

Exposure to the fumes from cleaners is not great for health or lungs. If you are using the cleaner, open windows and doors so that you can get fresh air. Breathing in cleaners should be avoided because they are toxic chemicals.

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If you are dealing with clogged drains, reach out for the best plumber Manhattan has. Give our team a call today.


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