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Why Does My Bathroom Smell?

A home is supposed to smell fresh and clean. Maybe it can smell like cinnamon buns when cooking or lavender when lighting a candle. No one wants their house to be smelly, so people tend to work hard to keep things clean and tidy. What do you do when a foul, rancid smell comes from your bathroom? One of the worst known toilet defects is a smelly toilet. Unfortunately, some problems cause the smell of sewage to escape every time they flush. If you smell odors coming from your bathroom, you need to call the best Manhattan plumber to fix the problem.

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The water inside the bowl is meant to help transport waste downpipes, but the water serves another essential purpose. Water is intended to create a seal that prevents sewer odor from escaping into the home. A toilet has built-in tools that automatically maintain water levels in the trap and bowl, but when something interferes with those processes, sewer gases are known to escape.

Another possible cause of smells could be coming from various seals in traps, under sinks, near tubs, and the base of the toilet. Seals are meant to create an airtight seal around appliances, which is meant to keep sewer gases out of the home.

In some cases, finding the cause of smells can be difficult, and so it is a good idea to trust the best plumbers Manhattan has. Sewer gases not only make a home smell terrible, but they can also compromise the quality of breathable air.

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If you smell something wrong in your bathroom, you must take care of the problem ASAP.

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