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Can You Use a Plunger in a Sink?

Most homes have at least one plunger in their home. It’s often stored right by the toilet for when you’re dealing with a clog. But are there other ways one can use a plunger? Can you use a plunger in a sink? Good news! You can use a plunger in a sink.

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When using a plunger in the sink, there are two essential steps to factor.

  1. Pick the Right Tool - Plungers are not a one size fits all item. What works for your toilet does not work for your sink. A protruded flange plunger is the one most associated with toilets. For sinks, you’ll want to invest in a plunger that is flat on the bottom. A sink is flat on the bottom, and so your plunger should be flat as well. This allows for a tight seal and ensures the plunger does the job correctly.
  2. Use it Correctly - No matter how great your tool is, if you’re not using it correctly, it’s not going to work. Before you start the process of plunging, ensure you have a tight vacuum seal on the drain. Gently press down and then use force to pull back up. Doing this ensures the stuck item is pulled up instead of being pushed further down. The further it goes down, the more stuck it becomes.

Keep in mind that a plunger only fixes small issues. If you’re continually dealing with clogs in your sink, call in a plumber in Manhattan. Our trained professionals are here to help. Call us for the best emergency plumber Manhattan has to offer.


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