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Are Flushable Wipes Bad for a Plumbing System?

Clogs and blockages are a common occurrence in most homes. While some clogs are small and easily managed, other times, you’ll need to call in a professional. For this reason, it’s good to have the number of an emergency plumber Manhattan on hand. A professionally trained plumber in Manhattan will come to your home and accurately assess the situation.

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Why do sewer lines clog?

  1. Not treating your toilet properly - Your toilet is incredibly sensitive. You shouldn’t be tossing a plethora of things down there. The only thing to flush is human waste and toilet paper. Even wipes that sell themselves as flushable and septic-safe do not belong in your toilet. Flushing foreign objects down the toilet creates clogs and leads to massive damage.
  2. A damaged sewer line - Many issues arise from your sewer lines, such as sags, corrosion, and cracks. If your sewer lines are older than two decades, you’re far more likely to face these issues. Damaged sewer lines accumulate dirt and other debris, which leads to blockages.
  3. Treating your garbage disposal like a trash can - Your toilet and garbage disposal are similar in that both are sensitive. You cannot treat your disposal as a garbage can. Use a sink strainer to catch debris from entering the pipes. Also, never flush grease as it will harden and lead to clogs.
  4. Tree roots - With growth, tree roots find a way to your sewer line. Older sewer lines, or one with cracks or other damages, become affected by tree roots. Roots find their way into your pipes and create blockages, leading to clogs in the home.


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