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Costly Plumbing Myths

An old wives’ tale is a belief passed down through generations. Often these stories are proven incorrect. However, many still believe. There are plenty of old wives’ tales related to plumbing. Buying into these myths leads to costly plumbing issues. If you follow any of the below myths, you may find yourself calling an emergency plumber Manhattan to undo the damage.

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  1. Soap and water do not harm my fixtures - After washing your hands, it’s common to leave residue on your faucets after turning them off. You may believe this does not damage, but you’re wrong. Over time soap and water cause fixtures to corrode.
  2. If items are going down my drain, then there is nothing to worry about - Just because things are going down the drain does not mean that issues aren’t brewing. Many food items initially go down drains but eventually cause blockages. Rice and pasta will eventually bloat, while grease solidifies.
  3. Lemons in a garbage disposal makes everything smell fresh and clean - While lemons down the disposal will lead to a refreshing smell, they also lead to corrosion. The acid in the lemons causes damage to the metal inside the disposal.
  4. “In-Tank” cleaners work wonders for a sparkling and fresh smelling toilet - “In-Tank” cleaners seem like a great idea. They’re marketed to cut time spent cleaning the bathroom. Unfortunately, they wind up doing more damage—these cleaners cause bleach to buildup instead of removing it.
  5. All plumbers are created equal - You may think that since they hold the title, the plumber you call knows what they are doing. Not all plumbers hold the proper certification. Our trained professionals know how to handle any plumbing situation. Reach out for the best plumber Manhattan has.

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