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How to Respond to a Clogged Drain

A clogged shower drain is annoying to deal with. Shower time is supposed to be comforting and relaxing, but when dirty water does not go down the drain, it makes the experience uncomfortable. The water can only be run for so long before the base begins to overflow in certain shower types. What can you do when this problem occurs?

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A Manhattan plumber has the tools and knowledge to clear out blocked drains completely. Chemical drain cleaners should be avoided because they are caustic and damage pipes and clothing. If these chemicals get onto your skin, they can burn. Hiring a Manhattan plumber gets rid of the need for trial-and-error and home remedies. If you want the problem fixed quickly and completely, you need the best plumber Manhattan has to offer you.

Avoid the boiling point method because it can do more harm than good. Boiling water is hot enough to loosen joints on PVC piping. This can weaken water pressure and create leaks somewhere in your plumbing line. You should attempt this method if you know for sure (110%) that there is no plastic in the system.

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You can also try the clean and clear method. This method is all-natural and doesn’t damage pipes, but it is not great at completely unclogging your system. This method can clean out enough debris and hair to start pipes running again, but the problem typically returns sooner than later. The longer you can let the solution sit in your pipes, the better it works, so make sure to clear out an afternoon to do this repair. For more information on clearing clogs, you should not hesitate to reach out for the best plumber Manhattan has to offer you.

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