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Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Small Leak

Many homeowners do not see a small leak as a big problem. They assume the issue will resolve itself. However, this is not often the case, and many times a small leak leads to huge problems. If you notice a leak from one of your faucets, do not ignore it. Call a plumber today to assess the situation. Acting when problems are small helps to avoid and emergency plumber Manhattan.

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Below, let us go over the top ways that a small leak can wreak havoc on your home:

A buildup of mold may occur - Mold is terribly dangerous to humans and pets. It causes several health issues, including respiratory problems. Moisture is the leading cause of mold, so it’s only natural that a leak leads to mold. Aside from the health issues due to mold, it’s also detrimental when looking to sell. Most buyers immediately turn away from homes facing mold issues.

It may cause damage to floors and walls - Damage occurs when you ignore a small leak for an extended period. Eventually, the standing water comes into contact with floors and walls, creating water damage.

Leaking pipes result in poor performance - When we turn our faucets on, we want the water to flow efficiently. When dealing with a leak, you’ll notice that things are a bit off. The water may not run as fast as it usually does, or the pressure may not be as intense. While this issue is not as damaging as the previous, it’s still a nuisance.

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Don’t let a small leak get carried away. Contact a plumber Manhattan today!


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