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Preparing your Plumbing for winter

When a pipe in a home bursts, it is never convenient, but if a pipe bursts in the dead of winter it can be unbearable. Floodwater can freeze, and you can lose hot or cold water.  Losing hot water can make bathing almost impossible. Considering most pipes are hidden, most people don't know the status of their pipes, or that they can do something to protect themselves and their pipes. Contacting a Manhattan plumber, New York is your best bet for keeping your plumbing safe this winter. Although there are things that you can do alone, without the help of a professional, there are many jobs that require extensive knowledge of pipes and plumbing.

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For instance, if your pipes are not already insulated and you live in a cold climate, you must insulate them. Insulating is important and can greatly extend the life of your pipes; however, if pipes are insulated incorrectly it could potentially be worse then doing nothing at all. A professional plumber will be able to apply the appropriate insulators to your pipes without leaving any blank patches on T's and Elbows. The corners of where pipes bend are the most vulnerable to the cold, and so special attention must be paid to these areas. Plumbers will use thermostat-controlled cables that can be lined in-between the insulating material and the pipes. This cable keeps consistent heat on your pipes. Not enough to heat water, but enough to prevent any freezing that might otherwise occur.

Even with insulated pipes, you might want to consider the drip-method. This method alone can help pipes, but cannot handle extreme temperatures. The drip-method requires uses to leave faucets on for extended periods of time. The water needs to simply trickle out, but you will want to run warm water. You will want to run the water for several hours ever few hours. You could even benefit from letting the water run overnight.

You want to pay special attention to pipes that are located close to outside walls, but this is only the case if you will be home everyday and using warm/hot water. If you travel frequently, and will leave you house alone and cold for extended periods of time, you will need to consider all your pipes.

Plumbers Manhattan

Call a Manhattan Plumber, New York, and have them professionally prepare your pipes for the winter. There is not reason to suffer through a not hot water emergency when you do not have too

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