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Running Toilets Will Increase your Energy Bill

Fixing a toilet that is running is important for the overall health of the toilet and for your monthly water bill. For many, the sound of a toilet running is simply annoying, so they do not do anything to fix the problem. Do not hesitate to reach out for a plumber Manhattan to fix your bathroom problems.

There is more than one reason as to why a toilet’s tank will run. Some of the problems are easy fixes, whereas others require the tools and knowledge of a Manhattan plumber. The four reasons include:

  1. There can be too much water in the back tank. The ideal amount of water in a tank is between .05 and 1 inch (below the overflow pipe). The toilet will make a consistent draining sound.
  2. Worn out/Old Flappers is the most probable cause of a toilet tank running. These devices break down over prolonged use. The flapper is supposed to create a seal that prevents water from running.
  3. A broken ball valve is the least common problem. When this is the problem, it also requires a bigger fix. Call us for a plumber Manhattan if you run into this problem.
  4. Lastly, the problem can be the result of a flapper chain that is too long. The chain will get caught and the flapper will not be able to shut.

Regardless of why your toilet is making noise, you should take care of it and fix the problem. Leaving problems for the future might require an emergency plumber Manhattan.

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