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Should My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

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A bathroom has normal smells, but the odor of rotten eggs should not be one of them. Although the water is not dangerous, it has a stench that can easily permeate through an entire home. Who wants to use a smelly bathroom? The first thing you should do if you smell rotten eggs is to try and figure out where the odor is coming from. Rotten egg smells come from several factors, which include:

Well Water: if the supply coming into your home has sulfur in it, the water will have an egg-like stench. You should smell eggs whenever you use a sink, shower, or toilet, meaning that the smell should come from every faucet. If you only smell eggs in one room, you most likely do not have well water issues. If this is your problem, you can hire a Manhattan plumber to set up a filtration system to remove sulfur from the water before it enters your home.

Hot Water Heater: if the smell only comes when using hot water, you’ll need maintenance on your water heater. When bacteria builds in your system, it causes the hot water traveling through pipes to have the stink of old eggs. To test this, run cold water and try and smell. Your water heater is probably fine if you do not get a whiff of rotten eggs.

Localized to One Room: if the smell is only present in a single bathroom, the culprit is likely bacteria trapped in the drain. A simple D.I.Y remedy often works (boiling water, baking soda, white vinegar). If the egg smell persists after this remedy, you should reach out for the best emergency plumber Manhattan has to offer. Take care of this problem as soon as you smell it because the situation will get worse and smellier.

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