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The Importance of a Clean Sump Pump

When renting or owning a home, there are many things that can go wrong with the house and fixtures/appliances within. There can be electrical, structural, or pest problems that can severely hurt you and your home. These problems usually come with hefty bills and/or a good deal of damage. Out of all the problems that can occur, one of the worst is flooding. Although it is not necessarily possible to prevent all floods, it is possible to prepare for worst-case situations. The best way to stay protected is to have a clean and properly functioning sump pump. This device can be the difference between an incredible amount of damage and minor issues.

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First, you should periodically test your sump pump to make sure it is functioning. There is nothing worse than thinking you are protected when you really are not. Check more frequently during wet or rainy seasons. 

As you use a sump pump, the filter gets dirty. It is important to make sure a sump pump is clean. If it is not, it will either not work or will work subpar. Check the sump pump for and dirt or debris that might have gotten stuck in the filter. Although you do not have to clean it as frequently, make sure to also clean the entire pump and the pit.

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If you do have a flood situation, reach out for a Manhattan plumber for a quick and effective fix.

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