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Three Things a Plumber Would Never Do

There are many things we learn in school, but some lessons we must learn through making mistakes. Unless there is a plumber in the family or you went to trade school, chances are you have made a mistake or two when using your home plumbing system. There are some things that individuals frequently do that a plumber would never. Knowing some of the basic dos and don’ts of home plumbing can help save you from an emergency and spending money on repairs or replacements. Below, we will be going over some things a plumber would never do to their own home’s plumbing system. We hope that in turn, you will follow suit.

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Avoid chemical drain cleaners like Drano. Chemical cleaners rarely get rid of clogs entirely. Not only that, but they smell and are toxic to handle. The worst thing about these cleaners is that they erode piping, which will lead to leaks and lower water pressure

A garbage pail and a toilet are not the same things. Yes, they share few similarities, but they should not be treated as if they were the same. The only things that should be flushed down a toilet are toilet paper and body waste. Many products say flushable or toilet safe, and in many cases, they are not. The more you flush, the more likely you are to clog your toilet.

Plumbers Manhattan

Know where your house’s main water valve is. Hopefully, you will not have to use the valve, but in emergency situations knowing where this valve is can help prevent dangerous flooding situations. A Manhattan plumber would never do any of the above things, and neither should you. Treat your plumbing properly to avoid calling an emergency plumber Manhattan.

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