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Top Causes of Sink Leaks in Manhattan

Do not get used to a leaking sink. On the surface, the problem may seem like an annoyance rather than a problem. That is not the case. A leaking sink, at minimum, raises your monthly water bill. In the worst-case scenario, the leak could turn into a flooding issue. Regardless of whether a problem is big or small, you should reach out for the best plumber Manhattan has to offer.

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In NYC, there are common causes of sink leaks. Make sure to take care of these leaks with the help of a professional.

All sinks have washers that connect pipes and faucets. A worn-out washer is one of the most common causes of leaks. Every time you turn the faucet on, washers press against the valve seat. As a result of the friction, washers wear out. When this happens, you will notice leaks around the spout. To fix this problem, a plumber Manhattan would replace the washer and make sure the new one is firmly installed.

The valve seat of a sink is designed to serve as a connection between the spout and faucet. Accumulation over time causes the valve seat to corrode. Ultimately, this results in a leaking spout. A Manhattan plumber can easily fix this problem.

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It is common for a sink's P-trap to get clogged. The P-trap is a curved pipe that is found directly under a sink. The curve in the pipes prevents foul-smelling gases from climbing up the pipe. When the P-trap gets clogged, it'll cause water to back up. You must check under your sink periodically to find out if your P-trap is leaking.

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