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Top Three Toilet Issues You Should Not Ignore

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If you notice something wrong with your toilet, it's never a good idea to ignore it. Small issues can turn into plumbing disasters simply because the problem was not checked out sooner. Always call in a professional plumber in NYC when your toilet isn't working properly. 

Many issues can come up when it comes to toilets. None of them should be ignored, but the top three that need immediate attention are:

  1. Noisy Toilet - Every toilet will make noise while it's in use; they are not silent. However, if you notice noises coming from your toilet while it's not in use, it must be addressed. Often, a noisy toilet indicates that there is a leak which will lead to a higher water bill. 
  2. Old Toilet - If your toilet is more than 25 years, it may be time to make a change. Older toilets waste significant amounts of water, which is bad for the environment and drives up water bills. 
  3. Rocky Toilet - If your toilet is moving, it will need to be removed to inspect underneath. A plumber will need to determine the root cause so they can find a permanent solution. Do not try to tighten the bolts. Doing this does not fix the issue and may lead to cracks. 

Don't ignore these common toilet issues. You may wind up creating a bigger issue. If you find yourself dealing with a plumbing catastrophe, make sure you have an emergency plumber in NYC on call. We will be able to assist no matter the time of day. 

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