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Video Camera Pipe Inspections

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Have you ever wondered how a plumber in Manhattan can know and understand the state of your pipes in your home or office building? The presence of so much concrete and construction in a place like Manhattan can make the job a little more complicated, though not impossible. That is why video camera pipe inspections are so important.

What are video camera pipe inspections?

Video camera pipe inspections are used to provide inspection services for pipes of all kinds. It is usually used for smaller sewer lines, as well as for the inspection of pipes for the home. They are particularly useful in spaces in New York where people cannot crawl down to view the state of the pipes using their own eyes.

How do video camera pipe inspections work?

A plumber in Manhattan hops on a service truck and travels to the area in need of inspection. The plumber will takeout a powered reel with video cable that has been reinforced with steel wire. Some plumber trucks come equipped with a powered winch that allows that helps to maneuver the camera equipment.

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Once the equipment is ready to go, the camera and lights are attached to the wires. The camera is able to pan as well as tilt using remote controls. The machine is placed above the pipes to allow easy access. The plumber will then lower the camera into the pipes. At this point, the plumber goes inside the truck to make inspections using the viewing equipment. He is able to maneuver the camera’s view from inside the truck as well. He can move the camera forward, backwards, as well as tilt towards either side in order to get a full view of the camera. The plumber is able to record the entire inspection so that he can review it at a later time if needed.

What is the data from the video inspection used for?

There are several ways a plumber in Manhattan can use the data collected after a video inspection. He can determine the condition of the pipe allowing him to decide if the pipe is in good condition, or can use some repairs. Many pipes in New York can use a thorough cleaning using a root-cutting blade or chemical foam. Other more advanced cases of wear and tear may result in patching the pipes in certain places or replacing them altogether.

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