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What to do if faced With a Leaky Toilet

Having a leaky toilet can cause discomfort to you and problems for your bathroom, and so it is rather important that you take care of this issue sooner than later. A professional Manhattan plumber will be able to both identify and rectify your problem. Letting a bathroom leak can lead to:

A toilet can be leaking for many different reasons, and some of these problems are easier to spot and fix than others. If you trust your bathroom to a professional plumber in Manhattan then you will have nothing to worry about.

Sometimes you will find that the bottom of your toilet is what is leaking. There are special features installed on every toilet that seek to prevent leaks like this. If the bottom your toilet is leaking, then there is a strong chance that you are leaking waste-water (you can tell by color and smell). If you are suffering from this sort of leak, you will need to do more than simply replace an old or broken wax ring. A backup usually causes the problem up in the piping. A professional Manhattan plumber will be able to take a toilet off its base, clean out the piping, put on a new wax seal, and will put caulk around the base. If you simply replace the wax ring, you will most likely be dealing with continued drainage problems. Fix it the right way the first time.

Toilets are not indestructible, and so with time they can potentially chip and crack. Although uncommon in terms of toilet leaks, cracks in the bowl or back tank can cause water to leak. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done for a tank or bowl crack. The best option, that will fix the problem once and for all, is to buy a new tank or a completely new unit.

Most causes of a toilet leak are fixable if handled by the right person or team. Don't try to handle the situation alone because there is always the potentiality of making a situation worse. If you see any water collecting on the floor around your toilet, or you see that the outside of the bowl/tank is collecting condensation, you will want to call a Manhattan plumber.

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