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Why Do the Shower Drains in My Home Smell?

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Have you been noticing a smell coming from your shower drains? If so, you're not alone. Smelly shower drains are a common household issue. Thankfully, it's something that a trained Manhattan plumber can easily fix. 

When we get reports of odor coming from a shower drain, the first thing we'll do is to identify the source. Once we know what's causing the smell, we can work to eliminate it. So what causes a shower drain to smell? There are a few factors. 

  1. Biofilm Buildup - Biofilm is a substance that builds from bacteria and bacterial waste. It is common to find biofilm in your shower. However, it's important to clean it regularly, so it does not cause issues. 
  2. Clogs - Many things can cause shower drains, such as hair, sand, and soap scum. Many people will try to unclog the drain themselves using harsh chemical cleaners. However, avoid these types of cleaners as they can wind up causing more damage. 
  3. Leaky Pipes - A leaky pipe is the most serious of issues and should always be left to a professional. A leak in the walls of your bathroom or under the shower will cause sewer gases to escape. 
  4. Dry or Dirty P-Traps - A P-Trap is a U-shaped part of your pipes that sits below the rest of your shower drain line. Your shower's P-Trap is often hidden unless you have access through your home's basement. Often the P-Trap becomes dry or dirty, which results in sewer gases escaping into your bathroom.  

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Smells coming from your shower drain is something you will want to fix as soon as possible. Call us for the best-trained plumber Manhattan has to offer.

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