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Why Does My Bathroom Smell?

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Keeping smells out of the bathroom is essential for any homeowner who wants a nice, clean home. Lots of dirty stuff goes on in the bathroom, and you want to make sure those scents do not linger. But what happens if you still notice a smell after scrubbing your toilet? There could be several reasons why your toilet will continue to smell even after cleaning. 

  1. Clogged Toilet Drain - Even when flushing normally, it's possible for the toilet drain to have a slight clog. A drain snake may help with a minor clog, but larger ones will need professional assistance.
  2. Sewer Bacteria - Unfortunately, live bacteria from the sewer can travel and find their way into your toilet. If this is your issue, pouring bleach down the flush valve will help get rid of the bacteria. 
  3. Dirty Toilet Tank - Most people only focus on the bowl of their toilet when cleaning. However, the tank can absorb the odor of urine. Thankfully, you can clean the tank the same way you do the rest of the toilet. Pour white vinegar into the tank and scrub with a toilet brush. 
  4. Leaking Wax Seal - Every toilet has a wax sealing ring underneath it. This seal keeps your toilet in place and prevents sewage gas from entering the bathroom. If the wax seal gets loose, foul smells can escape. This is one issue that cannot be fixed at home. Make sure you contact a professional to reseal the toilet. 

If you've tried some at-home cleaning remedies and still notice an odor from your bathroom, it's time to call in a professional Manhattan plumber. A professional will be able to assess the situation and find a solution. Call us for the best plumber Manhattan has to offer. 

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