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Why is My Toilet Making a Running Water Noise?

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A toilet is supposed to make noises. With that said, there is normal noise that indicates a toilet is working properly, and there are also sounds that indicate there is a problem that needs fixing. How do you know which noise is which? Rather than focusing attention on all the noises a toilet can make, this article focuses on the sound of running water.

When a person flushes a toilet, the water in the bowl goes down the drain, and the water in the back tank then fills the bowl. While this is happening, the tank fills up with water in preparation for the next time a person flushes the toilet. The sound of running water is the sound of your tank filling with water. A normal, operational toilet makes this noise for several seconds (even up to a minute for some systems). When the tank reaches the designated level, the water flow will stop. If you hear running water coming from your toilet several minutes after flushing, you need to reach out to an emergency plumber Manhattan. For many, the sound of a running toilet is annoying but can be lived with.

The two most common issues causing a toilet to run continually and waste water are:

Issues with Float: When you open a tank, you will notice a ball on a plastic stick. The ball, which looks like a balloon, is the main tool responsible for determining water levels. When water pushes the float to its designated height, water should stop flowing to the tank. When a toilet gets flushed, water is rushed from the tank, the ball drops, and water begins to fill the tank. A Manhattan plumber can quickly and affordably fix this problem.

Issues with Refill Tube: the refill tube inside a tank is responsible for supplying water. If the tube is too long, it causes the water to be pumped directly into the bowl.

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