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Avoiding Mold and Mildew in Your Bathroom

It is important for all homeowners to recognize what mold is and how to get rid of it. The growth of mold can cause respiratory issues for those who constantly breathe it in. Although the small black spots might seem harmless at first, they will darken and spread out. As soon as you see small batches growing, it is important to clean the spot. If you notice that mold is continually growing in your bathroom, then it is most likely the sign of some unseen plumbing issues. Calling a Manhattan plumber can help make changes to your bathroom that will drastically reduce the growth and spread of mold and mildew. In the meantime, there are small things homeowners can do in order to lessen the spread of mold.

Make sure to use the bathroom fan before, during, and after a shower. This will help expel excess moisture that will turn to mold. Running the fan for 10-15 minutes after a shower can help.

Take extra time to dry wet surfaces. Using a towel or a squeegee, make sure to clean up any water on the floor, around the sink, or on the toilet. Use the squeegee to get moisture off any glass surface. Taking the time to remove the water really does help.

Try to clean at least once a week with a watery-bleach mixture. Bleach is one of the best tools for killing mold as well as preventing it from ever growing.

Emergency plumbers in Manhattan can help with an extra mold situation. No person should have to live in a home where they are constantly breathing in mold. Give us a call today for a Manhattan plumber to fix your mold and mildew problem.

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