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We are a 24/7 Plumber. We know emergencies happen, so we have a plumber available all 24 hours of all 7 days of all 52 weeks a year. And since we offer 24 hour service you don't have to wait around to get the drain unclogged.

If you need any drain cleaned, we have a drain cable machine that no job is too tough for. Our equipment is second to none so our service is the absolute finest you will find anywhere.

As a professional Drain Cleaning contractor we can provide you with all types of Drain Cleaning services from residential to commercial Drain Cleaning, and more.

Keep Your Drains Clean

When you are doing dishes, ensure that excess food is scraped off the dishes beforehand. Many things should not go down your kitchen pipes or garbage disposal. Make sure fats and oils, such as margarine and broth, are never poured down the kitchen drain as they are likely to lead to clogs. Eggs shells, coffee grounds, and flour are other items that should be avoided.

Contact a plumber in Manhattan immediately if you notice issues starting to arise with your pipes. A Manhattan plumber will fix any problems and help prevent new ones from popping up.

Drain Cleaning Plumbing in Manhattan Testimonial

Josh Workman
If you need a New York City plumber, like I did, then go with Daniel’s Plumbing. If you hire Daniel’s Plumbing you will be getting a fair price, and better than that you’ll be getting world class work. I originally came to them while searching for plumber New York City and plumbing in Manhattan. I had a severely stuffed drain that they were able to help me out with. What I later learned, when I renovated my bathroom, is that Daniel’s Plumbing is more than just you basic fixes. They even do 24-hour emergency service too. If you need a great Manhattan plumber then you know whom to call.

Chris Toffer
Finding the best Plumbing in Manhattan has isn’t as hard as you may have initially though it to be. With minimal effort I cam across Daniel’s Plumbing, and now my bathroom shower is running like new. I was having two issues that I dealt with for a while, but eventually enough was enough. Water drained slowly, so when I showered it was like I was standing in a puddle. The other issue, which was a bigger issue for me was water pressure. Daniel’s Plumbing came over and took care of both issues quickly and thoroughly. I know whom to call the next times something in the bathroom breaks


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