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Nicole Brinker
Daniel’s plumbing came to me after doing a search for plumber in Manhattan. Let me quickly bring you up to speed with why I was doing this search to begin with. Last week I flushed my toilet and the water just kept rising. I didn’t know what to do, so I just watched it overflow onto my flow for a bit. I quickly rushed and shut the water off, but I had no idea what to do now. I found the best plumber in Manhattan has, and that is Daniel’s Plumbing. They were at my home in a few hours, and they were gone even quicker. My bathroom is as good as ever. I’m glad I found the best plumber in Manhattan has.

Freddy Gilman
What do you think of when you think plumbing in Manhattan? I think of hundreds upon hundreds of plumbers working from within the city and also coming in from the outside. I was lucky to find Daniel’s Plumbing amongst all the static. Considering that plumbing in Manhattan is so common it is safe to hire people who you can trust. I had Daniel’s Plumbing help me install a new toilet and sink in my bathroom, and I can say with a smile that it looks and functions better than ever. Don’t settle for bad plumbing in Manhattan when you do not have too. Hire Daniel’s Plumbing today.

Craig Kilroy
When you are looking for a New York City plumber you should simply look for Daniel’s Plumbing. They have helped my in my bathroom and kitchen a multitude of times. I think their work ethic is great, and even more so I like the prices. I have my plumber. If you need the best New York City plumber then call up Daniel’s Plumbing.

Jonas Kilroy
A good New York City Plumber is hard to find, and that is why I intend to keep hiring Daniel's Plumbing. I had called them last week to fix a clog shower and leaky sink. The came over the same day, and were finished with the work promptly. The plumbers were clean and courteous, and I would definitely hire them again. The even increased my shower pressures without even charging me. Daniel's Plumbing could be the best New York City plumber.

Benton Freedman
Just recently Daniel’s Plumbing had come to my home in order to help me renovate my bathroom. All I can say now is I’m glad that I hired Daniel’s Plumbing, and they could be the best plumbing in Manhattan has to offer anyone. They came quickly, and they did not rush once they got here. They took ever precaution to keep the floors clean, and the walls safe from dings and scratches. I felt like they were working on their own bathrooms. They finished the work and left. The bathroom looked great, and everything functioned, as it should have. I am really glad I went with Daniel’s Plumbing. They are the best plumbing in Manhattan has.

Rebecca Karen
I had renovations done to my bathroom, and it looks amazing. More importantly than that it functions properly. Daniel’s Plumbing helped me with all the removals and instillations. They did a great job, and they didn’t even want that much money for it. If you are looking to get your bathroom redone then call an amazing New York City Plumber: call Daniel’s Plumbing

Neil Chatterton
A New York City plumber is your friend if they do a good job. If you need a plumber who will be prompt, friendly, clean, professional, and inexpensive, then I would recommend you hire Daniel’s Plumbing. They have helped me renovate my bathroom, as well as fix my toilet on multiple occasions. My youngest son went through a phase of flushing things down the toilet. Usually the things he’d flush were not meant to go down the drain. I hired Daniel’s Plumbing each time I needed a plumber and they were great. I am happy with the New York City plumber I hired.

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