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Can I Stop my Pipes from Knocking?

Have you ever been awakened up from a sound sleep by loud knocking sounds? These persistent sounds that come through the pipes of your home are annoying and hard to ignore. With the help of a Manhattan plumber, simple solutions can be employed to fix the problem. Knocking pipes are usually caused by varying water pressure within the main supply pipes that are coming into a home. Pressure is needed to keep water moving through the pipes and out faucets. When pressurized air is depleted or is leaking, water will move quickly and violently, which creates the knocking noises.

The fix for a plumber is relatively quick easy. The job requires a plumber Manhattan to turn off the main supply valve. Next, a plumber will flush all the lines. After completely clearing the line, the plumber will turn the main valve back on. They will do it slowly as to avoid air chambers in the pipes. After this, the pesky knocking sounds should be gone. If this does not get rid of the problem, then the knocking is an indicator of a larger issue, like leaking pipes in the plumbing system. Fixing your system when you first spot problems will help you avoid an emergency plumber Manhattan.

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