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There are individuals in the world who try and save money wherever they can. This includes avoiding name brands and performing DIY home fixes. Although it feels nice to hold on to hard earned cash, at home repairs can sometimes lead to more damage and larger repair bills. Plumbing repairs are an excellent example of at home fixes that can go awry. Below, we will detail a small list of common mistakes people make when working on their plumbing system.
Standard DIY mistakes people make include:

  1. Using duct tape as a way to repair a leaky pipe. Duct tape is mediocre for a temporary fix because the tape becomes less adhesive when coming into contact with water. Plumbing tape is much more appropriate for the temporary repair of leaky pipes. A professional plumber will be able to change pipes and fix pesky leaks.
  2. Rigging DIY drainage systems. Some people think that they are clever by routing a slowly draining washing machine's water into a nearby sink. Because of all the debris that is encountered in a washing machine, it should be no surprise when the machine begins to drain slowly. Routing water to other pipes will put too much pressure on the overall system. This can lead to clogs, floods, and more. If you have a drainage issue with your machine, contact a plumber in Manhattan to fix the problem entirely.

Saving money in the short-run can lead to bigger and more expensive problems down the road. If you do not have access to the correct tools or knowledge, contact a Manhattan plumber. We are ready to help you solve any/all of your Manhattan plumbing problems.

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