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Don't Let Your Plumbing Break

It is rather common for a person to ignore the pipes that supply water to a home. When an individual flushes a toilet or turns on a faucet, they expect water to flow and drain properly. It is only when a problem occurs that people start to think about the health of their plumbing, and usually at this point it's too late for a quick and easy fix. In New York City there are three extremely common problems to deal with in terms of plumbing. If you ignore your plumbing these common issues could become a big problem. It is important that each home owner/renter take control of their plumbing. Keep an eye out for early warning signs, and take preemptive steps to prevent future breakdowns. By taking care of your plumbing prior problems, you will be prolonging the life of your system.

Manhattan PlumbersThe most common issue in NYC is probably a clogged drain (toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs). Sometimes clogs are caused because people aren't fully aware of what is and what isn't flushable. Other times a clog is hard to avoid. This can be hair and debris in showers or food getting caught in a sink drain. Getting and maintaining drain covers for the sink and bathroom can help. A slowly draining clog puts added pressure on your piping, which could lead to it breaking and leaking. As soon as you begin to see water building up, you should be calling for a Manhattan plumber. Try to avoid prolonged use of chemical cleaners because it can erode your piping.

New York tends to get rather cold in the winters, and as such some homes have issues with pipes that are exposed to cold weather. It is possible for water to freeze in a pipe, and this freezing cause the pipes to expand. This can lead to cracked and busted piping. The two common issues that you can face are flooding and no water pressure in the house. Manhattan plumbers have the techniques and tools to wrap your pipes to keep the cold temperature from harming the pipes.

Manhattan Plumbers

Many New Yorkers have to deal with weak/little water pressure. It is tough to bathe or wash dishes with weak water pressure. At the same time that weak pressure is difficult to live with, strong pressure can break your system. The harder the pressure of the water, the more stress that is put on the pipes. A Manhattan plumber can measure your water pressure, and help you get to the perfect pressure: not too much and not too little.

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