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Keep Your Drains Clean

Plumbers Manhattan

Drain issues are an extremely common occurrence in households. Many things can lead to problems with your drains. The number one way to combat any problem is to keep your plumbing system clean. Make sure that everyone in your home knows the proper steps to take to maintain clean drains.

When you are doing dishes, ensure that excess food is scraped off the dishes beforehand. Many things should not go down your kitchen pipes or garbage disposal. Make sure fats and oils, such as margarine and broth, are never poured down the kitchen drain as they are likely to lead to clogs. Eggs shells, coffee grounds, and flour are other items that should be avoided.

If you want to avoid plumbing issues and keep your drains clean, be conscious of what is flushed down the toilet. Some common items flushed down NYC toilets are kitty litter, feminine hygiene products, and baby wipes. The only thing to get flushed in the bathroom should be toilet paper. Anything else can lead to clogs and backups.

Plumbers Manhattan

Contact a plumber in Manhattan immediately if you notice issues starting to arise with your pipes. A Manhattan plumber will fix any problems and help prevent new ones from popping up.


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