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Manhattan Plumbing Report: Two Categories of Drain Cleaners

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Any Manhattan resident knows that plumbing can break down at anytime. One of the most common issues in Manhattan is drain blockage. There are a lot of options you have when trying to fix this problem. You don't always have to call plumbers in Manhattan because sometimes you can do the fixing yourself. What do you think of when you think of drain cleaners? Are you reminded of commercials where people are pouring some liquid into a toilet, or do you think of a plumber and his/her plumbing snake? Although some people think of liquid chemicals and other think of devices or tool, both are correct. Let's face it, different drains clog for different reasons, and as such different approaches must be taken to clean a drain properly. A person who uses plumbing should know the differences between chemicals and devices, and the same person should know differences between different chemicals.

Chemical drain cleaners can be found at your local hardware store, as well as some bigger supermarkets. The cleaners can come in both liquid and solid form. You will mostly find alkaline drain cleaners in a solid state; where as acidic ones are more commonly sold in liquid form. An alkaline cleaner is designed to create foam that coats the inside of the pipe. This is supposed to remove pesky clog. Sometimes these cleaners have to be mixed, and so make sure you know the instructions of each product you pick up. The alkaline cleaners can dissolve hair, so they are especially good for bathroom usage. You can also use acid drain cleaners, which have there own benefits and cons. It is especially good at dissolving fats, but at the same time they are more dangerous than alkaline.

Chemicals are a good first try for unclogging your drains, but they do not work all the time. This is where devices come into play. The most common tool for professional and amateur plumbers is a snake. Amateur plumbers most commonly use handle held versions of this devices, which usually have a length of 25 feet. Plumbers in Manhattan will have stronger and bigger versions. These devices work well, but due how they are designed there is a possibility of them scratching porcelain (be careful on certain sinks and toilets). For more delicate toilet jobs you may want to use a closet auger, which will keep your porcelain safe.

Manhattan Plumbers

If the chemicals, and or the snake, do not work, you need to consider more heavy-duty tools, such as airburst drain cleaners, hydro-mechanical drain cleaners, or electric drain cleaners. These tools can be expensive and hard to use, so it would be best to contact a plumber in Manhattan.

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