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Mechanics of a Modern Toilet

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Most individuals learn at a young age how to operate a toilet but seldom do these people learn about the components of the device and how they work. Learning the basics of how toilets work can help you avoid potential emergency situations. If you know how a toilet is supposed to work, it will be much easier to spot problems when they are small and fixable.

When a toilet is flushed, water rushes from the tank through rim or jet holes and into the bowl. On average, this should take three seconds. The quick rate of flow helps to create a vacuum or siphon, which causes water and waste to be sucked away into the sewer. When the back tank is empty of water, air fills up the siphon tube, to help finish the siphoning process.

As the back tank begins to fill with water so will the bowl. Water is brought to the toilet through small hoses delivering water to the rim holes. The bowl should have a precise amount of water in it when it is unclogged. If you pour a cup of water into a toilet bowl, the water level should not rise.

Plumber Manhattan

If you notice any big or small issues with your bathroom, you should reach out for a Manhattan plumber like us. Problems do not fix themselves, and usually, they only get worse with time. Avoid calling for an emergency plumber in Manhattan, by fixing problems when they first arise.

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