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Preparing Home Plumbing for Winters in Manhattan

Those that do not prepare their home plumbing systems for winter should not be surprised when pipes bursts, there’s a loss of hot water, or there’s damage to the home. Taking time to prepare a home’s plumbing system ensures that the above problems are much less likely to happen. Our talented team of Manhattan plumbers can help you ensure your home stays safe this winter.

One of the most important things a homeowner should do is to insulate pipes in their home. You do not need to insulate all pipes, but just the ones that are near exposed walls (attics, basements, outside walls). Insulation is like a coat or a blanket that is wrapped around a pipe to keep it warm. Without insulation, the water inside a pipe can freeze, causing a pipe to burst (leading to flooding). When water inside pipes freeze, it will stop the flow. Wouldn’t it be terrible not having hot water during the dead of winter?

Fixing leaks in a home prevents the loss of water and keeps a home safe from structural damage. A leak during the winter months is worse than during the summer because during the winter the problem dramatically enhances the possibility of frozen pipes. Water that is outside the pipe will quickly freeze, which then leads to water inside the pipe freezing.

Make sure to keep water running periodically. Water that sits still freezes more quickly than water that is moving. Normal daily life is enough to ensure water is moving enough (flushing toilets, washing hands, showering, and cooking). When leaving your home for more than 12 hours at a time, you will want to consider leaving the faucet on slightly. Keeping the tap on keeps water moving.

Call our team today for help preparing your home plumbing for winter.

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