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Problems For a Manhattan Plumber: The DEP and the Three-Day Notice

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The DEP (department of environmental protection) is largely responsible for the water traveling in and out of buildings in NYC. When you pay your water bill and sewer bill you are dealing with the DEP. One of the ways that the DEP ensures water stays clean is by trying to have property owners fix broken mainlines that lead out to the street. The DEP is able to make the initial assessment by seeing wet spots in the street, seeing a stream of water running from your property to the road, if water pressure in a house has gone down, and lastly if water is coming through the foundations of the structure. If the DEP see on of the four above-mentioned problems they will most likely dig further to see if the issue has something to do with the water main. They have special devices that they are able to use to determine where the leak is (if there is one at all). The device allows a plumber to listen to the flow of water inside the pipes, and a plumber should be trained to hear distinctive patterns. In certain extreme cases the NYC DEP will have to do further investigation, such as ripping up part of the street to get at the physical pipes. According to the DEP of NYC, they have an average of above 95% when it comes to issuing these notices. Your next step after receiving this notice is to reach out to a Manhattan plumber who has experience dealing with this problem.

If there is an issue with your water main then the DEP will issue you a three day notice, which is supposed to notify you of the problem and that you have x amount of time to take care of the problem. Three days is usually the time period given by the DEP; however, there are special cases that require a quicker fix and cases that allow for an extension.

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We have substantial experience working with water mains, and as such we are more than equipped to help you with your three-day notice. We have the tools and knowhow to identify, fix, and replace piping so that you do not get any steep fines from the DEP. Getting one of these notices can be a daunting experience, but know that you are not alone. We are a Manhattan plumber who can help you with this problem.

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