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Signs a Toilet May be Experiencing Issues

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Toilets have several moving parts that are often used, so it is typical for them to breakdown and need repair. Like all other mechanical devices, a toilet needs some love and attention every so often. There are many common problems individuals can experience when using a toilet. Some of the most frequently encountered toilet problems we experience as plumbers in Manhattan include:

When toilet water does not stop running, it creates an annoying sound and wastes a good deal of water. Even small drips still amount to much water when left for extended periods. The problem is frequently associated with the flapper allowing water to flow into the tank through the fill valve.

Toilets can, unfortunately, start to leak. It is crucial to address leaks as soon as they are spotted because they can create mold and damage floors. Leaks can come from the water supply valve, supply line, tank, porcelain bowl, or dripping from the side of the tank. All leaking should be treated the same.

Sometimes, toilets do not flush correctly. They can get clogged, which means the toilet cannot be used until fixed. In some other cases, a toilet might not flush thoroughly, which can be a result of inadequate levels of water in the tank or issues with the lift chain.

Plumbers Manhattan

It is also important to listen to the sounds your toilet makes. A toilet is not a quiet device, but there are some sounds it can make that indicate there is a larger problem. If you hear constant sounds, running water, or phantom flushes, you should call a Manhattan plumber today.

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