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Summer Plumbing Problems

Plumber ManhattanSummer is one of the happiest seasons of the year. It is a period of time when the sun is shining at its strongest and people are outside enjoying the warm air.  During this warm season, certain types of plumbing problems are more likely to arise, especially in temperate areas like New York City. Below are some common problems that Manhattan plumbers experience during the summer months.

Sewage backups are more likely to occur during the summer. At this time, water begins to trickles down into the sewer line via cracks and causes problems with the system. Tree roots also grow quicker in the summer time and can constrict the pipes, which will hinder the flow of water. It is impossible to see where tree roots grow underground, and you typically know there is a problem when the roots have comprised the plumbing system.

Mold also tends to grow near sinks and showers during the muggy summer months. If your shower or sink is prone to leaking, water will accumulate and promote the growth of hazardous mold and mildew.

Plumber Manhattan

If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact a Manhattan Plumber for assistance, advice, and repairs.

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