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The Right Time to Buy a New Water Heater

There is a certain expectation a person has when they turn on the hot water nozzle of their sink or shower. People tend to not think about their home's water heater while the machine is properly functioning. It is only when a home loses hot water that an owner will pick up a phone and call a Manhattan plumber.

When a water heater breaks down, an owner has two options: repair or replace. Without the expert help of a plumber, it is sometimes hard to make that determination. During the inspection of your machine, we will look at five different factors.

  1. We will adjust the temperature of the tank to make the water hotter. If the fix does not work, it could be a sign of a faulty heating element. These can be replaced, but in most cases, a new purchase is more economical.
  2. A water heater will begin to rust over time. The two clear indicators of a rusty system: Clothing that is washed in a washer comes out with yellow stains, or rust colored water comes from faucets.
  3. We will listen for any uncharacteristic noises coming from your system. Atypical sounds can mean there is a bigger problem in the system.
  4. Water heaters that leak are usually close to the end of their life. If any water is collecting under your machine, it is important to fix the problem before things escalate.
  5. The age of your machine matters when thinking about repairs or replacements. There is not a single water heater that is designed to work forever. A system can usually run from eight to fifteen years. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. If your device is older than ten years, consider buying a new system.

We can diagnose your system and help you make a decision on repairing or replacing.

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