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Two Reasons Why Toilets Hiss

Emergency Plumber ManhattanIf you hear a hissing noise in your bathroom, you should do more than get used to the annoying sound. The noise is not just irritating, but it also increases utility bills. Although there are two separate reasons why a toilet’s tank might hiss, both are caused by escaping water that is continually being wasted. If left alone for a prolonged period, a homeowner will notice a bump in utility prices. Call our team of plumbers in Manhattan to stop the waste and to give you peace.

A toilet might hiss because:

  1. The float is damaged. A float looks like a balloon attached to the end of a stick. This device is essential for telling a toilet when enough water has filled the tank. An array of problems can prevent the float from rising high enough to fully close the valve—keeping the flow of water always on. Water can get into the float, which negatively affects its buoyancy. Also, debris in the tank can prevent the float from moving up.
  2. Debris gets trapped in the fill valve. Debris from water or work done inside the tank can get lodged in the fill valve, which will prevent it from making a complete seal. Water will escape through small openings, which causes the hissing sound people here. A plumber in Manhattan can quickly fix this problem and reduce your water waste.

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To find out why your toilet is hissing, you should give our talented team a call. We know how to solve Manhattan plumbing problems.

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