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What is that Smell Coming from my Kitchen Sink?

Have you noticed an odd smell inside your home that is emanating from the kitchen? Many will quickly blame the garbage, but for some, even after taking the trash out the smell persists. If it is not your garbage, what could the scent possibly be? The putrid smell could potentially be coming from your sink, even though there appears to be nothing sitting inside that sink. Usually, two familiar odors come from a sink, which includes:

  1. Rotting food smell, from food that is trapped in the drain or garbage disposal
  2. Leaking sewer gas line that is coming up through the sink’s drain

Sewer gas smells are commonly caused by a lack of necessary vents or traps. Another common reason includes broken seals. Identifying the scent quickly will allow Manhattan plumbers to get rid of the smell. The kitchen smell will only get worse with time, so fix the problem as soon as your nose senses it. We can help you identify what the smell is and where it is coming from. You do not have to breath terrible and stinky air. Our plumbers Manhattan know how do identify and fix kitchen sink smells.

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