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Why is Water not coming out of my Faucets?

Living in a New York City apartment can be a taxing experience. Due to the city’s age, many apartments have archaic plumbing systems, appliances, and faucets. One of the most frequently experienced plumbing problems in NYC is when a faucet malfunctions. There are many different reasons why water wont come out of a faucet, but the best way to find out why is to contact a plumber in Manhattan for a consultation.

Manhattan Plumbers

The first thing a plumber will determine is whether the problem exists at one faucet, or if it is somewhere else in the home. If it is only a one-fixture problem, the aerator on the faucet might be blocked.  If this is the case, the Manhattan plumber will unscrew the top of the faucet and clear the blockage and replace the aerator.

Manhattan Plumbers

If multiple faucets in your home are failing, that may indicate that there is a blockage within the pipes, or a frozen pipe during the winter season.  No matter what the problem, it is always recommended that you contact a plumber in Manhattan for professional assistance and service. A professional will help you figure out what is wrong with your faucet and the water supply.

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