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Are Noises from my Pipes bad?

New York City is a very old city that has buildings with extremely old pipes.  There are many different, mysterious noises that are the result of problems within a plumbing system. Although you may not be able to differentiate between the noises, the trained ear of a Manhattan plumber can accurately diagnose a problem with your plumbing, by simply listening.

If you hear a vibrating sound when the toilet flushes, it typically signifies a fault in the toilet’s fill valve. In order to test if the fill valve is malfunctioning a Manhattan plumber will remove the tank lid and gently lift the float arm. If the noise stops, then the plumber knows that what was wrong and can provide an easy solution.

If your pipes make a banging noise when the water is used it means that they are improperly secured behind the walls. As water moves through a system it flows over obstructions and transmits sounds waves and vibrations. If the vibrations reach a certain pitch, the active pipes can sound like banging from inside the home. In order to fix this problem, a Manhattan plumber will have to remove the debris in the pipes in order to limit vibrations.

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