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Don't Put Grease In Your Pipes

Household pipes are designed for one thing: transporting water to and from a home.  Anything other than water that goes down the drain has the potential to cause significant damage to a plumbing system. Although completely avoidable, one of the main reasons why apartments in NYC need professional plumbing repair is because of grease buildups.

Plumbers ManhattanGrease is the by-product of cooking. It can result from a number of different organic materials such as: sauses, dressings, dairy products, fats, and meats. The best way to protect drainpipes from grease build-ups is to prevent it from ever reaching the pipes. For example, if you are frying bacon, never pour the hot grease down the drain.  Instead, transfer the hot liquid into a metallic can or container and let it congeal before you throw it away. This is a physical reminder that shows the nature of grease, and how it can turn into a solid in a short period of time.

Plumbers Manhattan

If you are experiencing a clog in your apartment, it is best to contact a Manhattan plumber for further assistace. A plumber in Manhattan can easily clear a drain and make sure that your pipes work without hinderence.

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