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Are You Buying a New Toilet?

Are you considering the purchase of a new toilet? Whether it is because your old one is broken or just old, you should be making many different considerations before acquiring the new toilet. Before thinking about the features of the toilet, like the flushing system, type of seats, and water saving components, you must always figure out spacing and sizing.

It is not easy or cheap to knock down a bathroom wall to make the room bigger. It is more practical to buy toilets, sinks, and vanities that all fit into either very small through very large spaces. Measure the full dimensions of your bathroom before buying. What is the length and width? How much space do you have between the sink and the wall? Toilets are made in different shapes, sizes, and heights, so you should start your searching based on these dimensions. Besides the dimensions mentioned above, you should also know the distance from the wall to the rough in (not from the tank to the rough-in). Narrowing down these options will make your searching easier and more fruitful.

When you have decided what shape and size you need, you can move on. One of the most important things to consider is the power of your toilets flushing system. Flush power is rated on a scale from 100 to 1,000 (1,000 being the highest). A high number means that the toilet will resist clogging more frequently because of how it handles waste removal. Higher flushing power comes at a cost. Usually the assisted flushing systems help provide the power, but the power comes from an electrical source. Also, more water is usually displaced during each flush. The initial systems are usually more expensive than lower rated flushing systems, and they usually cost more monthly to maintain. Lower scaled systems will clog more frequently requiring plumbing or maintenance.

So much water is used every year to flush toilets. Newer technology comes out each year allowing people to save water and money on water bills. One of the most convenient ways to save is by getting a toilet that has a dual flusher. This means that when it comes time to flush, you have two options: you can do a light flush or a heavy flush. If you are only flushing liquids then you don't need much water. You do need more liquid and power to flush solids. Having the option to choose between the types of flush allows for environmental and economic savings.

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