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Toilet Plumbing: Keeping Your Toilet Running Smoothly

Toilets have a tendency to clog or backup when they are not used properly. Most people do no understand that there is a proper way to use these plumbing machines. There are proper flushing practices, knowing what is and is not flushable, and finally how the basic components of the machine work. If you can have a working knowledge of this information then you will not have to suffer a broken toilet. Even when treated well, a toilet can breakdown, but if you treat it well it will last longer.

Flushable Test

There are many things that people try to flush down a toilet without understanding that those things can cause serious problems. Sanitary napkins, paper towel, paper, and thick tissues can all cause problems for your toilet. There are even products that are sold that have the words "flushable," but sometimes this can be a lie. If you want to find out if something is flushable or not then you can preform a flushable test. In order to do this test you need two small buckets filled with water. In one bucket you must place toilet paper, and in the other bucket place the material you are testing. Swirl the paper around in the bucket and let it sit for a couple of hours. If the paper in the second bucket looks like the toilet paper in the first then you know the material is flushable. Do not trust companies that simply write flushable on their packaging.

Basic Components of Toilet

There are certain basic parts of a toilet, and knowing what these are could potentially save you money. There is the float arm, flush valve, valve cap, and a flapper. These four parts can break over time, and if you can see that one is broken you won't have to call a plumber for a fix. Familiarize yourself with basic parts of your toilet, and you can help to keep it running smoothly.

Different Systems Have Different Flushing Capacities

It is important to be mindful of how much your system can actually handle. Some toilets are designed for hi-power flushing; where as older models are not. It might be better to flush two or three times rather than just once. If you find that your toilet drains slowly when flushing a lot of materials, you will probably want to break up the flushes.

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