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Do I Repair or Replace My Bathroom Faucets

Most people rely on the water flowing smoothly from bathroom faucets—for hand washing, bathing, and brushing teeth. Most individuals do not pay attention to the health of faucets unless they are showing signs of distress. When noticing issues with a faucet, you are faced with two options: fix or replace. Fixing is quick and usually inexpensive, but unfortunately, not all problems can be fixed. How do you know when it is the right time for new faucets in your bathroom?

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Do you notice a constant dripping from your bath, shower, or sink? The dripping noise is annoying, but people can eventually get used to the sound. Besides being annoying to listen to, dripping faucets waste water and raise monthly bills. A small drip might not seem like much, but when it is constant and has lots of time to drip, the amount of water will add up.

Besides a leaking faucet, you may notice leaking, wet handles. Bathroom faucets are designed to last for prolonged periods, but they still break down with wear-and-tear. Seals at the base of the faucet can become lost, which allows water to leak. At times, rubber gaskets can be switched to fix the problem, but at other times the degradation is too far gone to repair.

Rust and grime warrant replacing old faucets. Corrosion from water and common chemicals can eat away the faucet's material. It is possible to clean mineral deposits to extend the life of a faucet, but at a certain point too much rust and grime can build up to give an adequate clean.

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If you are uncertain when and if you should replace bathroom faucets, please give us a call. Our plumbers in Manhattan will evaluate your problem to determine the best course of actions. For the best Manhattan plumbers, you should call us today.

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